-How long do I have to wait to receive the goods?
From the moment of order payment around 5/7 working days.

- How does the order get prepared?
As soon as payment is received, the proforma will be sent automatically by email, following that, the goods will be prepared and sent and another email will outline the status of the delivery.

- What types of payment methods are accepted?
All orders can be paid by credit card, Tops & Fabrics.com is supported by Unicredit which guarantees maximum security when payments are made.

- Who do I have to contact to have more information on products?
If you do not find the information which you need on the product file or on the website, contact customer care directly in the section “contact us” by email and you will be answered promptly.

- Forgotten password, How can I recuperate it?
To recuperate the password, click on reserved area and click on FORGOTTEN PASSWORD? and follow the guided procedure. You will receive the password by email.

- How do I get into my account?
To access the website you need to use the email address which was used for the registration and the personal password. If you do not remember your password and you need to recuperate it, click on sign in and click on HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD? and follow the guided procedure. You will receive the password by email.

- How can I register on line?
To register on topsandfabrics.com click on “Register”. You will be taken to a form with some input data necessary for the creation of ypuo profile. Once you have inserted the data and the registration is confirmed, your profile will be created automatically and it will possible to proceed immediately

- How can I update/modify the data which I have inserted in the registration phase?
It is easy to update your profile. This is how you do it: Login in and click on “Access” on the top right go to reserved area and click on the name which appears on the top right – modify and click on save. At this point you will have modified everything. .

- I can't print/download sheets and catalogs; How can i do?
If you have  trouble downloading or printing product sheets or catalogs, please make sure you have done the following: 1 When you're on the download page click on "Download Here", after click on the "Save" button choose where to save the catolog (es on the Desktop). Now will start the download - when the download is complete, go on the Desktop and open the PDF document * called "product code" - now you can print by opening the file. To view the PDF catalog you must have on your computer this program: Adobe Reader. If the program is not already on your computer, you can run free installation from the manufacturer's website at the following link: http://get.adobe.com/it/reader/.

- What do I have to do if I do not find contents or some sections on the website?
For any technical or visual problems you can contact our technical department directly at info@topsandfabrics.com.

- Can I follow the tracking of my order down?
You can track you order directly on the courier’s website using the tracking number which will be sent to you when you have placed your order.